Old Yoga Mat

My old, worn Yoga mat

Slippery in familiar places

years of

practice and prana

intention and energy

an old friend…

propped in the corner now

a “backup”

I roll it out today and it feels like Home

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Awaken to Now


This longing for the past… it has to ease up.

Nostalgia…It has a shadow side

Sometimes it drags me so deep into the dark shadows

until I finally hear a whisper…to move towards the light.

Awaken to now…

Be present.

Hold the memories and gifts of the past…

While staying in the light of life…happening NOW.







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10 Years on WordPress…

Wow…I just received a notification that it is my 10 year anniversary with wordpress!

I only began publicly posting in 2013…so there was a lot of time spent too afraid to post publicly!    Fear holds so many of us back.

I am now in another phase in life where letting go of fear is needed…  It is true what they say…no matter what step you are on there will be fear when you are called again to move forward.

This year my intention is to follow my curiosity…follow my excitement…follow the call…

Moving towards authenticity and empowerment…fearlessly…




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Follow the Call…

Follow the Call…

Listen for the whispers…

Don’t wait for “screams”

Step onto the path…

Wisdom of the journey.

The journey started long ago…

Stop thinking…Slow down

Allow your Soul

To Catch up…

Take the journey…you will not be misled.



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Night Mantras 2

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Night Mantras…

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Roses or Stones

Paralyzed by thoughts.

Fear and Doubt are blinding.

Have I made the wrong choices?

A single Raven waits for me to choose… again…

Waits for me to get up again…and move forward.

A path of Roses or a path of Stones.

How does one choose?

Roses have thorns.

Stones will hurt the feet…

No matter which path…there is a chance I will get hurt.

Moving Forward is the only choice left.

Rise up.

Inner guidance spreads its wings…and follows me.



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The Muse

Inner Fire

Blazing a path to my creative soul…

Inspiration comes…and lingers…

Like a forgotten song waiting for me

To remember it.

I place my bare feet onto the Earth

And follow…

The Muse.

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Sliver of Light…

The way is uncertain…

I get in my own way

And now I am blocking yours…

How do I  soften these thoughts

and enter the flow???

Reveal to me what I most need to know…

I protect my heart and mind from intruders

Although… you are someone I trust…

Help me see again

Help me trust again…

Help me  let go of ideas that blind me

Even if its only a sliver of light that sneaks behind my blindfold…

Help me let my guard down…

Let me journey with you…

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September Morn…Messages


An old song flashed in my mind

As I move towards new beginnings…

A new season…a new age…

Keep dancing…

“until the night becomes a brand new day”

Just look at what has been growing.

It is harvest time.

You are a tree rooted between worlds.

Drink in the abundance.

Fill the cup until it is overflowing…

And then,

Ask for more




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Being Reiki

Entering the Flow.


Yet… I let go.

For a moment

I AM not aware

of where my hands end

and her head begins.


Expansive and Vibrating

Yet…Still.  Quiet and Present

Right here.

Right now…

Allowing the mysterious to be simple…

We go beyond understanding

and we know…

the deepest Truth





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