Press Pause

This week in my Yoga classes we are focusing on a bit of down time…PAUSE. We are always running in either fast forward or in rewind. Stuck somewhere between a worry or a plan…  future tripping or falling backwards. This is a busy time of year for many with the various holidays.  This week we will focus on pausing that and coming into the present moment.   Holding onto the present moment by honoring the space between our breath, the space we can carve out in our day to decompress.     Pausing now and then brings mindfulness into our activities…it lets a bit of awareness in. Then we may find more meaning in the day to day or holidays. So this season look for time to pause and notice or listen to your surroundings.  Even if in the store or better yet a mall notice the kids, the people, the buzz of a million conversations and music and noises. Pause there. Listening and noticing the lives of others going on around you and your own life.    Like that saying goes by that wise “Ferris Bueller” 😉

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile – you could miss it.”


pause  Press Pause.

Stuck somewhere between a worry or a plan…

We stumble into the present moment.

Press Pause.






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One thought on “Press Pause

  1. This was perfect and loved loved the poem.

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