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Awaken to Now


This longing for the past… it has to ease up.

Nostalgia…It has a shadow side

Sometimes it drags me so deep into the dark shadows

until I finally hear a whisper…to move towards the light.

Awaken to now…

Be present.

Hold the memories and gifts of the past…

While staying in the light of life…happening NOW.







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10 Years on Wordpress…

Wow…I just received a notification that it is my 10 year anniversary with wordpress!

I only began publicly posting in 2013…so there was a lot of time spent too afraid to post publicly!    Fear holds so many of us back.

I am now in another phase in life where letting go of fear is needed…  It is true what they say…no matter what step you are on there will be fear when you are called again to move forward.

This year my intention is to follow my curiosity…follow my excitement…follow the call…

Moving towards authenticity and empowerment…fearlessly…




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