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Awaken to Now


This longing for the past… it has to ease up.

Nostalgia…It has a shadow side

Sometimes it drags me so deep into the dark shadows

until I finally hear a whisper…to move towards the light.

Awaken to now…

Be present.

Hold the memories and gifts of the past…

While staying in the light of life…happening NOW.







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Bottles of Hope…

She is very sick
Many medications…
Little green “bottles of hope”
Life is indeed precious

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Creative Flow

You can’t sit and force creativity.
Creative energy is free flowing…
It chooses it’s own

Like a river it may change course…
The practice is in listening,
allowing and trusting…
It’s call.
Wander with it…
What wants to be expressed?
Flow with it…
Let the magic happen

*Second Chakra – creativity

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